2&3 YRS / 4&5 YRS
Tiny Town meets in the Student Center, located across from the Worship Center.  We ensure that every child is safe by making it mandatory for all of our Children’s Ministry Volunteers to be carefully screened, submit to a background check, and attend a Child Protection Training Class. We also require that no child can leave the building until they are checked in and checked out by their parent or guardian using our computer operated check-in system. If you are planning a visit to our church for the first time, we recommend that you come 15 minutes early to allow you enough time to create your new check-in account.
What We Teach:
First impressions are important. That’s why we use the First Look curriculum to give preschool children a first impression of their loving heavenly Father. The curriculum keeps it simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God all month long. The activities tickle all the senses that makes mastering the concepts a blast. Crazy fun activities to crafts to large group Bible story and worship time, it’s all part of the plan to help a child believe three key things by the time they are five years old:
1) God made me.
2) God loves me.
3) Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
First Look At Home:
First Look curriculum wouldn’t be complete without parent pieces to synchronize the home with what’s going on at church. Each week you will receive something called a “Parent CUE Card” We call them Parent CUES because they’re designed to “cue” parents to leverage everyday moments with their child to Connect to God’s story, to Uncover something about life, and to Experience something together. These cards help you know what your child  talked about during Large Group and Small Group so you can reinforce it at home.
Each Parent CUE Card will have a section called “Small Talk”. Designed for older preschoolers, “Small Talk” helps parents create a rhythm at home with ideas for incorporating faith learning into PlayTime, DriveTime, BathTime and CuddleTime.
In addition to these great take home resources, parents are encouraged to visit www.OrangeParents.org for a monthly podcast and many other resources. And for a mobile solution, look for the Parent CUE App available for iPhone, iPad or Android.