We believe God wrote the Book.
We will not be distracted by all the noise around us and we will unapologetically teach the Bible in such a way that it brings radical life change to all who hear it.
We believe you will never have, if you never ask.
We will break our backs, lay flat on our faces, and wear holes in our pants praying, in order to know, and do the will of God.
We are laser focused when it comes to worship.
We will with passion and total abandonment pour our hearts out to God in authentic and unrestricted worship.
We believe strong families make strong churches.
We are only as strong as our weakest link. We are totally overboard when it comes to families and doing life together.
We have no doubt that people matter to God.
Everybody lives forever somewhere and we are willing to do anything short of sin to tell them about the love of God.
We are meant to be contributors not consumers.
The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world.
We are continually setting our sights higher in service.
We refuse to give God a half-hearted commitment. We will achieve excellence in everything we do, only by aiming higher.
We will never insult God with small thinking, and safe living.
When it comes to faith we will not put God in a box and try to restrict His power by exerting ours.
We give up the things we love, for what we love even more.
We believe its an honor to sacrifice for Christ and His church.